T O K K O H – a week into wondering land!

A week that showed me the meaning and pleasure of my life, my place and my role in society and gave me the practical tools to implement them. Tokkoh, a wonderful experience! A week beyond any logic, far from believing or doubting, an unbelievingly practical event without explanations, teachers or lecturers! In short; a heart opening week beyond any material value!

What can you experience through TOKKOH: Enjoy a week, come home and experience that everything has become lighter and warmer, Get to know yourself in a way that you never thought possible Learn how to consciously reprogram your subconscious towards harmony with your own true nature Realize why your present society system does not work satisfactory Realize how to prevent or dissolve conflicts, in and out of yourself. Experience what freedom and equality really means in your daily life, not only for you, but although for your fellow human being as well as your children. Learn to distinguish between the appearing world and the real one

In TOKKOH there are no teachers or lecturers, it is an unbelievably practical week during which you yourself, with the support of all participants, will be able to take steps that you never thought possible. All the people caring TOKKOH have experienced it themselves, they do it for free because they want to give this one week chance that leads to our own hearth, to as many people as possible. Everyone can go forward in Tokkoh, independent from your present standpoint. How far you will get, depends on your own personal aim and your dedication.